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Everyone has a voice. Few of us take the time to learn how to use it. An open voice is one of the strongest signals of your confidence. When you take steps to improve your voice you open yourself to more possibilities and creative potential within.


Trusted Dialect and Voice coach for professional theatre companies, actors, politicians, public speakers and entrepreneurs around Vancouver, BC and beyond. 

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"Recognition must be given to dialect coach Adam Lane Bergquist for preparing the actors, who were well near flawless with their accents." 

-Erin Jane,

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Why Voice Coaching?

Open Voice Coaching is a personalized, professional coaching service that aims to help unlock the true potential of your speaking voice.


Everyone has a unique voice. It is one of the most recognizable things about you. The sound of your voice is the product of many factors including your environment, your education, and your habits. These habits may be rooted in personal experience or language learning. They are nearly always justifiable and usually unconscious.


Whether you want to reduce your regional accent, deepen your voice, or develop better endurance for speaking, voice coaching can help. With this training, you will be able to overcome fears and common pitfalls when it comes to public speaking. With one-on-one training, video coaching, and group classes or seminars available, I can customize a program to fit your needs. I also offer dialect coaching for actors and interview preparation for professionals of all kinds.


If you want a better, stronger voice, one that commands attention and is easy to understand, then you need an OPEN VOICE!



Adam Lane Bergquist


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